Gau Shala

Marwaris could be Muslims too. Possibly everyone among us, without exception, knows Marwaris as intrepid businessmen. But few of us know that the term Marwari has more to do with ethnic identity of a people rather than their faith. So lo and behold, Marwar region of Rajasthan harbours a good number of Marwari Muslims who share their culture and language with Hindus and Jains. However, they live in anonymity, almost.

The people at the helms of the Society have not been oblivious of nurturing Hindu-Muslim harmony too. Though Jodhpur had always remained a cradle of social harmony, the Society got into the pro-active mode and set up the “Adarsh Muslim Gaushala” (asylum for cows) in the outskirts of the city. It now shelters about 150 heads of sick, old and invalid cows. While most cities in Rajasthan have a large army of roaming cows and ban on their slaughter being strictly implemented, Marwari Muslim Society has emerged as the protector of cows. We have even appointed a veterinary doctor and other staff to take good care of the cattle. The Gau-shala even takes cow-care mobile clinics to surrounding villages too.

The Gau-shala has enabled the community to build the bridges of understanding with non-Muslim brethren. It is being run on a portion of nearly 40 acres of land allotted by the Government in a place known as Bujhawar in Luni tehsil near Jodhpur