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Marwar Muslim Educational and Welfare Society Jodhpur conducts “All Rajasthan Humanity Essay Competition” on a regular basis. The title of this essay competition remains “Message of Peace, Humanity and Love in an Ideal Biography of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)”. Competition is open for all communities though we highly encourage participation of Non Muslims brothers.

Main objective to hold this competition is to establish communal harmony among the peoples of all communities; to make familiar with Islamic principles, culture and visions and to remove misconceptions, delusions and most importantly to clear misunderstandings of Non Muslims with Muslim community and Islam. This program will help to control all spreading ill-will, aversion, discrimination, tension, anxiety and disturbance between brotherhoods of India.

In fact Islam is all pervasive general applicable and comprehensive for all human being of this world. In reality Islam is a religion of equality of human kindness justice peace and prosperity, brotherly tie and gives emphasis in doctrine of non-violence.